How A Nigerian Man, Wilfred Asuquo Becomes Pilot In America With HND Certificate

Wilfred Asuquo

Nigerian born living in the US, Wilfred Asuquo talked about his experience after leaving Nigeria to America with just HND Certificate to work as a pilot in America

Asuquo said he graduated with an amazing 3.30/4.0 CGPA despite the fact that many took him for an unserious student due to his involvement in school politics.

He explained further that he attended a polytechnic because he could not afford the financial cost of attending a university.

Asuquo said he was able to break a career barrier without having to get a PGD as he became a trained commercial pilot.

According to him,

“With my HND certificate without PGD or prerequisites, I have broken boundaries from being a cabin crew to being a trained commercial pilot then transitioned to being a Business and data analyst.

“Remember, I got my MSC by just WES evaluation in the US. How I did it… can also do it.”

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