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How Did Tim Cook Become Apple CEO & How Much Money Does He Make?

Tim Cook, a charismatic leader at the helm of one of the most forward-thinking technology companies in recent memory, is well-known for his vision and drive. While many people are aware that he succeeded Steve Jobs as Apple’s CEO in 2011, few realize that Mr. Cook has been in charge of the company for a long time and is a key figure in its history.

Cook, in contrast to his late boss, was more of a logistician, and he has done an outstanding job leading the world’s most valuable tech company thus far. For years, the CEO of the world’s most important company, Apple, has remained an enigmatic figure because of his low-key, reticent demeanor. These facts tell a fascinating story about Tim Cook’s career progression, from his early days as a manufacturing genius to his later years as a businessman and then a leader.

Who Was Tim Cook Before Apple?

There isn’t much known about Tim Cook’s personal life because he is a notoriously private and soft-spoken individual who avoids interviews. But here are some interesting tidbits about how he got to Apple and his early life. Timothy Donald Cook was born on November 1, 1960, to a shipyard worker and a pharmacist in Alabama, the third of their three sons. He graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Industrial Engineering before going on to Duke University to earn an MBA.

When Tim Cook finished college in 1982, he got a job at International Business Machines (IBM). For a total of a decade and a half, Cook worked for the computer manufacturing company, rising through the ranks. Intelligent Electronics hired him in 1994, where he became one of the company’s first-ever top managers while working in the company’s computer reseller division. In 1997, Cook made the move to Compaq. At Compaq, his abilities were noticed by Steve Jobs, who later hired him to work for Apple.

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Tim Cook joined Apple Inc. in 1998 as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations after a six-month stint at Compaq, when the company was in decline and Steve Jobs had just returned from exile. After a year, Cook’s apparent Midas touch started paying off and he became an integral part of the company’s resurrection story. Specifically, Cook revolutionized Apple’s supply chain and strengthened the company’s ties with suppliers. It was also at this point that the company began to see huge profit margins, making it one of the largest tech companies in the world.

How Did Tim Cook Become Apple CEO?

There is no doubt that Tim Cook, who has been in charge of Apple’s daily operations for years, has played a more significant role in the company’s expansion than anyone else. As a result of his efforts, he believes that Apple has grown from a struggling PC manufacturer to the dominant force it is today.

There were already signs that Tim Cook would take over as Apple’s CEO after Steve Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer, long before he actually did. In 2004, while still in charge of the Mac division and just before Steve Jobs underwent pancreatic surgery, he was named interim CEO for the first time. Cook was promoted to COO three years later. After Job’s medical leave in 2009, he was named acting CEO again.

However, shortly before his death in 2011, the late Apple co-founder unsurprisingly selected Tim Cook to lead the company. When Tim Cook became Apple CEO, he was tasked with stepping into a void left by one of the world’s most famous figures. It hasn’t been an easy ride for Cook as he transitions into the enormous role. At first, Tim Cook had to put together a team that he thought was the best fit after Jobs’ death, and along the way, he has documented layoffs, failures, firings, departures, and successes.

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Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple, is better known within the company as an operations expert and a logistician than a product person, unlike his predecessor. Several years later, a biography of Steve Jobs revealed that Steve praised Tim for his multitasking abilities but was disappointed in his lack of enthusiasm for the product development process.

Prior to becoming CEO, Tim Cook announced the expansion of the iPhone and iPad lineups; Apple Pay; a new smartwatch called the “Apple Watch”; and many other notable products. In the middle of 2018, Apple achieved yet another significant milestone when it became the first trillion-dollar company in the world.

Cook’s time in charge of Apple has been marked by success, but not without controversy. Current Apple CEO Tim Cook is disliked by some because of his alleged lack of innovation, product mistakes and shifts in the focus of the company. Under Tim Cook, Apple has become a tech company that is more concerned with being a force for good by encouraging privacy, diversity, and carbon neutrality.

How Much Is He Worth Today?

One of Apple’s most important employees is Tim Cook. In 2018, Apple’s market value surpassed $1 trillion for the first time under his leadership. As of this writing, Cook’s net worth has been estimated at $625 million. As the company’s market value continues to rise, that value is expected to grow.

One of the wealthiest tech executives in the world, the multi-millionaire gives generously to charitable causes. After announcing that he would donate his entire fortune to charity in 2015, Cook’s name has been added to the ‘Giving Pledge’.

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