How Oluwo of Iwo Raped Me The First Night We Met – Ex-queen of Iwo

How Oluwo of Iwo Raped Me The First Night We Met - Ex-queen of Iwo

Chanel Chin, ex queen of Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, who is from Jamaica but has lived in Canada all her life has accused the King of rape, deception and other damning allegations.

In an interview on GIO TV, She said she met the king when she came for tourist with her friends to Nigeria in December 2015 and attended Oluwo’s coronation in Jan 2016 against the advice of her friends who referred to Iwo as a “bush” area.

Chanel said she returned to Lagos after the coronation and was fortunate to meet the Oluwo again in another event in Ikeja held by an unnamed Lagos Monarch on February 2.

Chanel said she left early to her room because she had too much to drink. She woke up at 3am with great shock to find Oluwo of Iwoland on top of her with herself completely naked under him.

How Oluwo of Iwo Raped Me The First Night We Met - Ex-queen of Iwo

With the shock, she shouted, “no no no. Get off me.” but was silenced by the Oba Akanbi who said no woman can refuse a King if he “extends his leg” over her.

The ex-queen asked the King to tell the people that he raped him the first night they met. She further unveils that one month later, she missed her menses and was pregnant.

To prove her claims, Chanel asked Nigerians to do the maths saying she had sexual intercourse with Oluwo in February and gave birth to her son in November.

“November from February is 9 months.” Chanel said.

“That’s when I met Oluwo, February second. He raped me and because he raped me, the next day, he said to me, ‘we’re going to the palace. We’re going to Iwo and I’ll make you queen.’ So, I went with him.

“The very next day, when we got to Iwo, there was no palace. The palace didn’t even have a roof. There was no palace. We were staying in one Barrister Atanda’s home. He’s also based in the UK. He can attest to this.

“There was no palace, there was no royal… there was nothing.”

The ex-queen claimed she received many threats from several women who the King had also promised marriage after sleeping with them.

She narrated how a family came and were so upset because Oluwo disvirgined one girl from that town and promised the family marriage.

How Oluwo of Iwo Raped Me The First Night We Met - Ex-queen of Iwo

She said when people started to find out, ‘oh there’s one Jamaican woman living with him’, that is when he went to the press and put this fake news about his wife from Canada, that he married me in Canada and that I came to Nigeria to claim my rightful spot which was a lie.

“Because he promised a lot of women… He started sleeping around with a lot of women, from Lagos to Iwo to Osogbo, to Ibadan. He was sleeping with a lot of women and promising them Olori.

The ex-queen said before she stepped foot in that palace, she already had a gang of enemies.

Reacting to allegations that she is a “runz girl” a Nigerian term for prostitute,

Chanel said “Go and ask your king if I’m a runs girl, why did he put the crown of your ancestors on my head. I was wearing the crown of your ancestors. So, go and ask your king that. Why did he put the crown of your ancestors on the head of a runs girl.”

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