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How to find guest post opportunities?

Building relevant links to one’s website from authoritative websites within one’s niche are very important in improving one’s brand’s awareness. And, guest blogging serves as a great way to do it. But, finding guest post opportunities is the most difficult part of using guest blogging as a link development strategy. We’ve listed below some strategies that can help you in finding opportunities to provide guest posting services.

5 Smart Ways to Find Guest Post Opportunities

  1. Take advantage of your personal connections:

Leveraging your personal connections is one of the basics of finding guest post opportunities. Most people are friends with digital marketing agencies or have industry connections. The owners of websites are always in need of content. If you’re friends with such a community of people, shoot them a text message, an email, a tweet, or whatever you want to. Be courteous in conveying your point of view. As you’re friends with such people, you must have already established your trust with these people. All you need to do is politely ask for posting as a guest on their websites or blogs.

  1. Advertise on your popular blog:

It’s another smart way to find guest post opportunities. Only a few people remember to take advantage of it. When you have a blog, you have a community of readers. It’s most probable that many of those readers have websites or blogs which need content. And the other thing to take notice of is that these readers or website owners are already on your website/blog which means that they trust your opinion. Now, you just have to take advantage of it by putting up a blog post that will let your readers know that you’re providing bloggers outreach services. Also, list your topics of expertise. The response you’d get from them will make you surprised.

  1. Ask for guest post opportunities on social media platforms:
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You can also advertise on social media platforms that you’re available for guest posting. Let it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other that you want, you’ll find a great audience. As compared to texting your contacts, you can also get in contact with friends of your friends who are website owners and need guest posting services . It’s a great way for those who are too shy to directly ask the same things to their contacts.


  1. Search for guest post opportunities:

The most intuitive and quickest way to find relevant blogs for your industry is by googling for “your niche + blogs”.  And when you find such blogs that are relevant to your interests, see if they’ve got an established guest post system. This simple but great way yields the best results. You may find an SEO company in Israel that matches your niches in the top Google-generated results (as Israel companies are well-known for their guest blogging).

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Even if the company/website/blog you’re interested in doesn’t have an established guest post system, you can take advantage of selling them the concept of guest blogging. You can guest post on their website and in return allow them to guest post on yours.

  1. Use your guest post as a billboard and interact with your commenters:

Apart from putting in links to your target website in guest posts, there’s something else to try as well. As a guest poster, you’ll mention your social media platforms to gain more followers and fans. Similarly, you can also mention something like “DM if you’re interested to get my advice on your blog. I always feel pleasure to share my knowledge with the newly emerging companies”.

Moreover, for an increase in your guest posting services, you can interact with your commenters as well.

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