How to let go of a broken relationship even when your heart tells you otherwise.

How to let go of a broken relationship even when your heart tells you otherwise.

Letting go a ruined relationship might seem impossible , the sex is exciting and your brain is telling you just use him to satisfy those cravings you will eventually breakup when you’ve had enough.

Truth is you will never have enough,every time you meet up he will find something more exciting to make you sink deeper in him.

Forgetting all the wrong he did ,mind you whilst you are busily lusting yourself away in his arms, he has you right where he wanted weak and needful of him. These are all mind games and your ability to recognize them as such is your first step in breaking away.

Any relationship no matter how beautiful it was, how deep the love, how mind blowing the sex is very replaceable. One thing you must know is before anyone decides to hurt you ,they think about it they know the results of their actions will make you devastated yet they do it.

How to let go of a broken relationship even when your heart tells you otherwise.

I like to call it “calculated actions” to them it doesn’t really matter who gets hurt as long as it brings pleasure and satisfaction to them. Why do they get to choose themselves first and you think you don’t? Ask yourself what you really want in a man make a list and cross out what you find in your current relationship, don’t tell yourself to compromise afford yourself some selfishness.

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Ignore his calls, agree to dates and cancel it at the last minute with an excuse of an impromptu work related issue. Put a barrier in your relationship walls and finally break it off.

First week after breakup usually sucks, you are tempted to call him and take back your own words, every thing reminds you of him you begin to question yourself if this was the right thing to do.

Trust me it was, your happiness is something you should never compromise on, you deserve to be happy and you need to make it a point to achieve it. Do what you love, engage yourself in work, find new hobbies, get a new hairstyle, practice yoga. Choose you,do you, sorround yourself with friends and family who love you. You will realize how good it feels to be appreciated for who you are. There is no wound so great in the heart that time can’t heal it takes a strong woman to fight through that pain to give herself the happiness her soul desires.

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Set unshakable standards for yourself, men love women with standards , women who tell themselves this is what I want and nothing else. The man you seek, the one your soul desires will find you, for now don’t put yourself through torture and end up as a broken soul for a relationship hanging on a thread, you should want better because you deserve better, follow my guidelines and awaken yourself to the truth of letting go and welcoming happiness.

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