I curse the day he was born, Pastor Ibiyeomie slams Daddy Freeze

I curse the day he was born, Pastor Ibiyeomie slams Daddy Freeze

A video of Pastor David Ibiyeomie blasting Daddy Freeze is currently trending on social media and it has got Nigerians buzzing with mixed reactions.

Recall earlier on, Wothappen.com reported the news of how the controversial OAP reacted to Bishop David Oyedepo’s recent comment about marriage. According to the man of God, the only way to a fruitful marriage is submission on the part of the wife.

Reacting to this, Ibiyeomie called Freeze a bastard, claiming he is a Somalian and a half-caste. According to him, the next time Freeze tried to insult his ‘father’ (Oyedepo), he’d have him arrested.

Much to the excitement of his congregation, he said:“Insult me I won’t talk but insulting Oyedepo. That bastard! Tell him any day I hear him talk about Oyedepo..do they know his father? Does Daddy Freeze have a father? Who is his father? That half-caste who is born by a Somalian.

The day I hear him insult Oyedepo again, I’ll deal with him. Oyedepo will not talk but I can’t be alive and you’ll insult my father. Who gave birth to him? If he has a father, let him show us his father’s picture. Somebody they gave birth to in a ship.

Does he look like a Nigerian? That’s a Somalian. I curse the day he was born. Insult my father when I’m alive? I can’t take it. I’ll tear you to pieces, you bastard. I’ll kill you, I’ll arrest you.

People who have fathers don’t insult fathers. He’s insulting because he has no father. You can never insult a father if you have a father. Tell him, this is the last day he talks about Oyedepo.

Let him show us his father’s picture if he has a father. A man who cannot marry, he has no wife. He can’t manage his home, he’s coming to talk on television. Is it not his wife who left him?”

Watch video below:

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