‘I Hate That’ – Speed Darlington Laments Over Constant Begging By Hotel Workers in Abuja

US-based Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington has bitterly lamented over the incessant begging by Nigerian hotel workers for tips.

Speed Darlington who has returned to Nigeria for a vacation decided to lodge in a hotel during his stay in the capital, Abuja but he has expressed disdain over the fact that workers of the hotel always want some money anytime them come into his room as he claims he hates it.

According to him, he has not built his house yet but hotel workers want him to pay for almost everything because he came from overseas and in a video shared on Instagram, he was asking for change so he can get lesser denominations.

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Reacting to this;

@iamakpowhe wrote;

For real I don’t like it. They should be warned because it’s embarrassing

@theos_gate wrote;

this man is literally the funniest person on Instagram lmao.

You can’t watch or listen to anything that comes out from this man’s mouth and not laugh harddd 

@malikdeking wrote;

This man facial expression is just funny .

even if he is saying rubbish

@estherwhytebassey wrote;

Even in Lagos, you will go to a very posh restaurant and one of their workers will beg you for money, it’s really not cool atall. It dents the image of the place.

@kiandra_reed wrote;

Na so na… Nigerians and their sense of entitlement, in every sector! Too much hunger in the land

@charmings_fitness wrote;

So this guy still dey alive? Been a while he gave us update, two two hundred naiiiiraa change kee you dia

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