I Was Forced To Bleach My Skin Colour For Movie Roles- Linda Osifo

I Was Forced To Bleach My Skin Colour For Movie Roles- Linda Osifo

According to Linda Osifo, she faced a lot of challenges when the movie scriptwriters and producers preferred light-skinned actors to dark-skinned. She disclosed that she was influenced to bleach her skin but she didn’t.

In an interview with Hip TV, Linda Osifo Linda Osifo recounted how she has faced a lot of discrimination due to her skin color. She told the host of the show…

“When it comes to skin color, I have faced discrimination. Do I still face it? I don’t know because I don’t see it. But it was tough because I’ve had many auditions where the description would be a fair in complexion model,” she said.

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“Sometimes you don’t get the role because your skin color didn’t fit. However, I believe that has changed. The dark-skinned people are being more appreciated, and the media is laying emphasis on them more.”

“That has given me more confidence. Have I been influenced to bleach? Yes, in the sense of thinking about it. But did I? No. Don’t be desperate. You can’t be desperate in this industry because you’ll make the wrong choices.”

“You will probably fall victim to things because they will see the desperation. Better opportunities will come.

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