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“I will not shut down Churches because Jesus Christ is bigger than coronavirus” – Tanzanian president

I will not shut down Churches because Jesus Christ is bigger than coronavirus

Tanzanian President says he will not shut down Churches because Jesus Christ is bigger than coronavirus.

John Pombe Joseph Magufuli the president of Tanzania has sworn to close down Churches. He is the only president taking this type of measure to combact this deadly virus.

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According to him, the church is the body of Christ, thus coronavirus can never overpower it…he is indeed resolute and adamate to the severity of the virus.

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I will not shut down Churches because Jesus Christ is bigger than coronavirus

On Sunday he announced that true healing can only be found in churches and mosques thus he will never close down these religious institutions.

“The holy places are where God is. My fellow Tanzanian let us not be afraid of going to praise him” he said. He went on to state that the Coronavirus is demonic and cannot stand the power in the body of Jesus Christ.

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“Coronavirus cannot survive in the Body of Christ, it will burn. That is exactly why I did not panic while taking the Holy Communion” he added while the congregation cheered.

It will interest you to know that the president is a Ph.D holder in chemistry from the University of Dar es Salam. Tanzania has so far recorded only 12 coronavirus cases with no death.

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39 thoughts on ““I will not shut down Churches because Jesus Christ is bigger than coronavirus” – Tanzanian president

    1. The president is spirit filled and he honor God and obey him in the fight against covid 19. We can not try it here because none of our leader is sincere with his faith and they only fight for God not allowing the creator to dictate his mind to them

      1. Amen,that’s what all Christian country s should do . Where is our faith in Jesus if we keep on giving in to lockdown

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  2. Yea 4
    Sure Jesus Chris is bigger than coronavirus
    If only our leaders faith will be like dis
    Dem de world wil be atrest may de lord have mercy on his generation🙏

    1. Your Man of God and you will overcome in the time of rapture, Remember……Daniel in the Bible he was strong, . . Poul in the Bible in Romans 8:32 what saparets us from the Love of God. …….Keep on I’m pastor mutabazi John.

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  4. Jesus is bigger than Corona virus I decree and declare that me and my house hold will not die of evil in Jesus mighty name Amen

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  7. If Nigeria government do the same it will be good, but they are not fear God they believe they wise than who creat them,

    1. Is not a matter of emulating.but to tell you ,God himself asked us to go in for the angel of dear to pass by.and in isaiah 26:20 told us what to do.lets stop being fanatics.whenbwe disobey God,where then lies our Christian faith.?

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  9. Pls Sir We need person like you to Advice our Government, most Especially our president who think staying at Home will make the Coronavirus not kill all these our Bad Government peoples.

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  11. What a faithful President? He strongly believe in the power of God. His faith can move a mountain. I so much applaud him for trusting God’s ability. He is related to Abraham. I thank God for him.

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  13. God bless you sir, l cherish your courage and l thank God for a president like you sir l have watched and listened other countries leaders and I asked myself where is the place of the Almighty God in all their preventive measures that starts with wash your hands stay at home social distancing shutdown Churches, markets and all that none has made mention of God first l mean none, rather what they did was bringing security agents to force people stay in their homes, even our great men of God could not remember the supremecy of whom they serve as God, but you have made me feel good again your excellency sir, for putting God first in your preparation to tackle the corona virus pandemic your country shall never record another case of the virus in Jesus name Amen. And l want to congratulate the people of Tanzania for the Almighty God is with them, thank you so much for your confidence in the Almighty God.

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  15. Yes% i love ur comment,at the last day I pray dat God will remain you. Our are in trouble for closing all church in Nigeria.
    Am seen nigeria in tears
    Now no body is in aso rock. It have not started

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  17. I totally support this Tanzanian President because”the gates of hell can never prevail/conquer the CHURCH’

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  19. Until we come to understand what faith really means, before we enjoy the benefit of faith. The righteous shall live by faith

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  21. God is Great ,if God is involved in the Administration of our state
    S and nation .It will be easy for us to go to him in prayer and demand for help in time of trouble.

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  23. Yes sir. I strongly agree with you. May God bless and protect you and your people in Jesus name Amen. The sign of a God fearing leader.

    1. This is a president with uncommon and absolute faith God. May His faith bring complete differenice in his life, family and nation in Jesus mighty name Amen

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  25. This President is like the men of Issacchar who understood the time. What a man that understood the Principles of the hands that moves the world—The Lord Jesus who made a public disgrace of Satan vis a vis his antics. As you honoured the almighty, may you wear your crown on the last day amen. Other countries should better follow suit before the days of doom surfaces. Choose ye this day ,whom you shall serve, as for me and my house, we shall serve JESUS!!!!.

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  27. That’s why GOD gave you a brain….to think, reason and make wise decisions. Current situation calls for everybody to practice precaution at all costs to prevent this thing from spreading. If you can’t see this, I don’t think that GOD can help you. This thing is real! Luckily Africa has not reported many cases…..yet! People, please don’t blindly follow misguided faith because you will die! Be smart!
    Be safe out there!

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  29. Isaiah 53: 5
    But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

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  33. Great and faith minded man. The true believer of Christ. May God help me with such a faith whiles I live.

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  35. God is the source and fountain of this world he created the world for creation,,, instead of this country to trust and gathered and pray to heaven for change of situation in Nigeria our president declare a total lock and shutdown in Nigeria… And heaven is violent for our decision… BIBLES SAYS MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE….. We pray for heaven intervention… In Jesus Name..

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  37. This is the type of leader we need. When the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice.
    Let me ask : countries are on lockdown/shutdown yet they are still recording New cases. So what now?
    Churches are place of healing and blessing not a place to share diseases.
    Tanzanians are indeed blessed to have you at a time like this.

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  39. The bible says, that as a man thinketh in his heart so he is. And I strongly belive that corona various can never near president John pombe joseph magufuli because of his faith and trust in God and those that trust God also. John 10:10 says, the thief cometh but to still, kill and destroy but jesus came that we might have life and have it more in abundant, the bible also said that every good and perfect gift comes from above. Corona various is not a good gift, it came to still, kill and destroy lifes and that’s why we need to put our trust in God who has promised that with long life he shall satisfy us and show us His salvation

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  41. Jesus is bigger and higher than everything,the King of the world,bigger than what people say, bigger than cancer, bugger than faibloids, bigger than corona virus Amen🙏 Thank you Mr President JPM may God reward u accordingly 🙏 Tuna shukuru sana papa.🇺🇬

    1. Tanzania you are a blessed nation having such a great man of God who puts God first in the affairs of the country. No evil shall befall you and you nation sir. Habakuk 2 the just shall live by faith mountain moving faith. Oooooh Africa is blessed because we have one who s standing for us all our Tanzania president standing on the gap in the time like this. This is the only president who has his pple at heart. He is not greedy like other African president s. You were chosen by heaven to be in power. Tanzanian pple you are blessed

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  43. It’s easier for him as the President of his country to toe that line because he’s the commander in chief of that country. What we must realise here is that the church is under the authority of the President, so if ours should take this steps, the church would definitely do the same, but how many of our leaders have faith in God? I’m proud of the Tanzanian President for taking this path. In our our country Nigeria, I don’t blame our church leaders cos their commander in chief has commanded them to shut down which they must obey or face the law and wrath of God.as well. Big up Mr President of Tanzania.

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  45. Wow…..his so bold and totally unique. Making a decision of shutting down everything apart from church gatherings is a weird thing in the circular world, especially during this pandemic; it takes a spirit and soul full of genuine faith to come up with such a decision.

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  48. Those of us who have taken a step to leave by faith everyday, we know one lesson i.e. Never compel anyone to take that leap of faith, especially on things like this. Even christians are not getting the concept of faith, how much more when you include the whole country in that? If He was the only one in the equation I would understand and applaud.

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  51. No wonder to hear about marked positive result of their fight against COVID 19. This is REAL FAITH IN ACTION!

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