Imo State: Supreme Court Declared Ihedioha as The Winner Of 2019 Election, Uzodinma Misled the Court

Imo State: Supreme Court Declared Ihedioha as The Winner Of 2019 Election, Uzodinma Misled the Court

According to Justice Nweze, there is no evidence placed before the court that Governor Uzodinma satisfied the required spread to have been declared the winner of the election.

He, therefore, told other judges on the panel that the judgment upholding Uzodinma’s victory in the March 9, 2019 poll would continue to haunt the nation’s electoral jurisprudence.

Justice Nweze in his minority ruling held that the court was misled in declaring Hope Uzodinma as governor and subsequently ordered his removal from office.

According to him, Uzodinma failed to give evidence of how he won the election.

He held that the votes which were used to declare Uzodinma winner were in excess of the accredited votes for the election.

He held that Uzodinma mischievously misled the court into unjust conclusion with the unverified votes credited to himself in the disputed 388 polling units.

He said“In my intimate reading of the January 14 judgment, the meat and substance of Ihedioha’s matter were lost to time frame. This court once set aside its own earlier judgment and therefore cannot use time frame to extinguish the right of any person.

According to the report“this court has powers to overrule itself and can revisit any decision not in accordance with justice,” he said.

According to Justice Nweze, the decision of the Supreme Court in the instant matter will continue to hunt our electoral jurisprudence for a long time to come, adding that without evidence of meeting other constitutional provisions, the court misled itself into declaring Uzodinma as governor.

“This court has a duty of redeeming its image, it is against this background that the finality of the court cannot extinguish the right of any person.”

While agreeing with Agabi that from the computation of the court in its January 14 judgment, the number of votes exceeded the total number of accredited voters by over 100, 000 votes, Justice Nweze said “wonders shall never end.’

According to report, He Said,“I am of the view that this application should succeed. I hereby make an order setting aside the decision of this court made on January 14 and that the certificate of return issued to the appellant be returned to INEC.

“I also make an order restoring the respondents as winner of the March 9, 2019 governorship election” justice must be served

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19 thoughts on “Imo State: Supreme Court Declared Ihedioha as The Winner Of 2019 Election, Uzodinma Misled the Court

  1. Judiciary is a disgrace to Nigerians,what are they trying to potrait ? well my opinion judiciary should be scrab temporily in this administration.We are tired with this incompetency.

  2. My people this are all rhetorics, they have made up their minds on what they want. Who doesn’t know that that show of shame called judgment was an abuse to human sense?

  3. I suggest that appointment of supreme court judges should be by examination and Interview and not by long service. So that competent people should be on that seat. Old age does not mean great wisdom.

  4. They are just doing this because the USA has asked them to reverse the ruling or all Supreme Court judges will be given travel ban and any foreign account and preperties will be seized. It is a shame.

  5. Honestly speaking this kind of blunders is a shame to our judiciary.It seems as if of these judges are politicians.I agree with a colleague who said the appointment of judicial officers should henceforth be on merit.

  6. This is a miscarriage of Justice. The time shall come when questions will be asked, who will live to answer?
    This country is a miscarriage itself.
    I’m sorry for the key holders and the generations coming to see the precedence.

  7. Nigeria judiciary is really a disgrace, needs to be scrab also sack that short man called Tanko Mohammed CJN appointed by President Mohammadu Buhari to perpetuate evil in nigeria judiciary system. The NJC are keeping quiet watching president buhari and Tanko mohammed to to distroy nigeria. Supreme court, Appeal court and Federal high court all should be scrab because the judges in above mentioned court are perpetuating alot of evils giving wrong judgements.

  8. The executive have corrupted all sectors of the arms of government.sorry the legislature s or our lawyers tanko and cohort have removed this from know what no more my gentle learned …… ?.

  9. The shameful problem with the Nigerian Judiciary isn’t that of age, incapability or misconception.
    It is an issue of lack of ‘integrity & manliness’. The will to stand for the truth, fight for our dying nation & selflessness.
    It is quite shameful that Nigetia’s Electoral & consequent Court decisions are perfectly inconsistent even at a clear sight of a ‘juet issue’.

  10. It is a pity 5judges including the head or the father of judiciary compromised for what could have made him great in the history of judiciary but the other way you don’t need to blame him beacuse he want to satisfy the man that put him there.Again he doesn’t know much about white man law that was the reason why why he slaughter the judgement in that way.IMO people should blame the father of their nation law but the other 5judges that joined hand to hold knife that slaughter the peace in IMO state.ShaMe to the whole so called supreme judges and lawyers except one man that Say NO to evil

  11. Nigeria a country that can’t adhere to it’s judiciary conduct,all that matters is that we the mass need people’s Governor back(Ihedioha) not supreme Governor (Hope)
    Something’s are better left untold

  12. It is an unfortunate ballistic measile to the human psyche. Anyway, it is wisely said that IT’S BETTER TO BE LATE NEVER. I hope that the Supreme court have now reviewed the earlier judgement sacking Ihedioha based on the provision of relevant laws.

  13. What do u expect Muhammad tanko is their is a toil doing wat his master buhari ask him to do,mind u buhari has taking all arms of government Nigeria is in trouble

  14. I don’t really know what we’re learning from them, our judiciary system has collapse,it supposed to be mouth speaker of a common man but not now. What concerned a police officer with electoral results? Was he an INEC official? More also, the total votes that declared Hope winner tally with the accredited votes?. In suggestions, all those involved should be sanction including CJN for incompetence.

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