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Inside a mortuary, a woman is said to have come back to life.

According to a fresh allegation circulating on the internet, a woman who had been certified dead came back to life just as she was being prepared for the mortuary.

Inside a mortuary, a woman is said to have come back to life.

The unusual sight was captured inside a mortuary in UNIBEN, Benin, Edo State, just minutes before the Anatomy students were supposed to do surgery on the body. According to the account, the corpse began to move and sprung back to life, much to everyone’s surprise.

This led everyone there to scatter, but as they regained their composure, they returned to help the woman get back on her feet and transport her to a waiting automobile.

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Okpere, a social media user, shared the video and wrote:

A woman was brought in dead by her family members to the UNIBEN mortuary, where they completed all the necessary paperwork and then left.

She stood up just as the Anatomy students were going to begin working on the woman, and everyone bolted.

The woman is given a second chance at life…

Aside from that, a Ghanaian woman was recently shown in a film promoting the importance of cunnilingus in the art of lovemaking.

Without equivocation, the lady stated that she enjoys it when her man stomps on her and gives her a good licking.

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She went on to say that intercourse without licking is meaningless, and that when she’s given head, she gets sudden tremors in her leg.

The lady went on to say that, in her opinion, licking is the best feeling in the world, and that it should always be included in intercourse to enhance the lovemaking experience.

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