Interesting facts about Julian Mele, the co host of Fox and Friend


Jillian Mele is one of the most notable personalities at Fox, especially in the morning. Wake up to a vibrant morning at Fox News, where she and her co-host are ready to keep you updated.

Interesting facts about Julian Mele, the co host of Fox and Friend

The lady co-hosts the Fox & Friends First show together with Rob Schmitt on weekdays from 5-6 AM/ET. She also serves as a member of FNC’s morning show franchise, Fox & Friends (weekdays at 6-9 AM/ET). Her responsibilities include contributing to segments and reporting on the latest headlines, something she had been doing ever since she joined Fox News in 2017.

Jillian is a vibrant co-host that will make your morning worthwhile as you watch your favourite morning show on Fox. Before joining the team at Fox, she served as a co-host at a breakfast show on Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia’s (CSN Philly), named Breakfast on Broadwhere. It is a local breakfast news show that earned her an Emmy for her impressive work.

You will need to check out Jillian Mele bio for interesting revelations about her journey to stardom. You will also find juicy details on her personal life herein. Have you wondered about how old is Jillian Mele since she looks super young? You will be surprised!

So, who is Jillian on Fox and Friends?

Before looking at her career journey and progress, it helps to know the start of it all. Jillian was born on September 17, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She is the only daughter and one of the three kids to Roseanna Mele and Thomas Mele. The lady has two brothers whom she loves so much as she is often seen doing fun activities with them. Apart from graduating from La Salle University in 2005, she has also pursued other courses in different institutions. One such is the University of Scranton where she did two years of communication.

Jillian mele

Even as you turn to Jillian Mele Facebook page to check out her general lifestyle, as earlier noted, she is a co-host of the Fox News channel alongside her co-host Rob Schmitt. While it appears as though everything is going right for her now, things were not always like that. Mele started small and has grown over the years. You can now catch Fox and Friends Jillian Mele and co-host on your favourite channel.

She has a B.A in arts and communication from La Salle University. Before becoming part of Fox, she has served in different places in various capacities. At an early stage in her career journey, she spent 7 years in WCAU-TV (NBC 10) in Philadelphia where she reported on a number of things including traffic reports, sports, and news. Her first start on air was as a news anchor in Presque Isle, Binghamton, New York, and Maine.

Interesting facts about Julian Mele, the co host of Fox and Friend

When she was a bit younger, she was a dancer and into sports. In fact, Jillian says that if she were to go back, she would have continued with ballet which she had done for 13 years before stopping to pursue sports. She has always been a great fan of sportsbecause of family influences. Her entire family was involved in sports which means that she would also be a major part of it all. This explains her love for sports even in her reporting career. One thing you may be interested to note is that from the day she discovered golf as an adult activity, she has never turned back.

How tall is Jillian Mele?

Interesting facts about Julian Mele, the co host of Fox and Friend

Jillian is a beautiful woman that has great size and shape. The Jillian Mele height stands at a massive 5 feet, 8 inches tall which is quite tall for a lady. Her figure can be described to be an hourglass especially when she is not putting on her sports gear. You may be interested to know that she is 59 kg, dress size 6, bra size 34 C and shoe size 7. She may be gorgeous on the outside, but she is also brilliant and great at her job which makes her very lovable as an individual.

How much is Jillian Mele worth?

Being a famous star, there is definitely the interest to know how much she is worth. Anyone that has been following Jillian’s career journey knows that she has made major strides in her life. The lady may have joined Fox in March 2017, but her career is way older which means that she has made some money over the years.

Interesting facts about Julian Mele, the co host of Fox and Friend

Most sites put her net worth at $900,000. What is not known for sure is her exact earnings. It could be something around $66,000 since the range of salaries at Fox is between $31,000 and $191,000. It is easy to believe that this could be her earning and net worth because she can support herself and maintain a lavish lifestyle. She also owns a posh house in Philadelphia which goes to show that she has money.

Photos of Jillian

Jillian mele

The woman is well endowed and beautiful going by Jillian Mele measurements as given earlier, and her photos on the media, anyone can see that she is a beautiful woman. She is able to maintain her shape and physique because she is highly athletic and sporty.

She has climbed several mountains and probably works out regularly to maintain such a shape. Check out her photos and pictures on social media to be inspired. In fact, she has a great body for someone that was born in 1982. It means that she is currently 37 years old just in case you were wondering about Jillian Mele age.

Fox and Friend

The fact that Jillian is always neatly dressed is worth noting. You will mostly find her in mainly decent and adorable dresses that make her a darling on TV, or she will be wearing one of her sports gear when getting ready for golf or any other sporting activity. She is not one to shy away from anything sporty as this makes her feel at home.

Jillian Mele has worked hard to get to where she is today. She may be a morning co-host at a famous TV station, but her story is one of resilience and persistence. The lady is the perfect example of anyone willing to work hard to get the best in life.

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