Internet users react to viral photo of singer Adele with shaved hair

9 years After releasing song Someone Like You, See how the Singer Adele looks now

Lockdown has people doing all sorts of strange things and shaving their heads, eyebrows and other bits have seemed to become a trend – boredom really does make people do the oddest things. came across a picture of Adele online where it looks like the star has joined the quarantine “shavathon”.


Adele has always had long flowy locks with the most incredible bounce. So, when this picture surfaced, people kinda lost it – anything but the bouncy locks!

Taking to social media, @hey_reilly posted a snap of Adele with shaven hair. Whether or not this is real or an edit, no one knows, but sis actually pulls it off.

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Adele hair

Fans took to the comment section to discuss Adele’s alleged new ‘do’. Some love it and others hate it. It is definitely different with a dash of fierce but the people are still not sure how they feel about them bouncy locks being cancelled.

cozettemc: “A KStew barnet looks good on her!”

Annaandresjewelry: “Interesting!”

Hyphenglobal: “Is this real? If it isn’t, bet it will be after she sees this “

Sebastianmarkdegrandis: ” is this for realzz? LOVE the new LOOK #adele”

Interesting reactions.

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