IPOB has right to protest, there will be no arrest nor investigation, case is closed – German police.

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The German police has come out to say that they will be no arrest nor investigation of any sort on members of the Indigenous People of Biafra over the attack on senator Ike Ekweremadu.

The stance of the German police in the issue, was made known while the representative of the force, was speaking to channels TV.

The police authority reported that it was just a demonstration against the lawmaker and when police arrived , they noticed it was nothing much.
When asked further if there would be any arrest, he replied that there will be no arrest, no investigation of any sort, that the case is closed.

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  1. we have hear the stand of civilized Police Authority in that country, now compare them with Nigeria state of wickedness and crude system of their brutality. Nigeria is still in darkness. Now stop this novice of name calling of Ipon, because they are more civil, intelligibility bold and fearless even in front of the police u can hear on of the said this is police and I’m not going because he knew is right. the Reason of the protest that they we’re at home Parliament could not do any thing while Their people we’re been killed.

  2. Enter your comment here..the thing is that the majority is the southeast citizens in terms of populace and the minority is southeast politicians. so there for, whatever be the problem or challenge ll be won by the majority by the end of the turnout, so the world ll judge the situation base on population, so we said we want Biafra and that will be decided by the population of the people of southeast, so you can not win the indigenous people of Biafra. the people citizens said Biafra and that is final u understand———I don’t want to marry is not by force, let the people decide.

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