Iron Resurrection Cast 2021: Pompa, Amanda, jason martin, Manny changes all explored

Iron Resurrection Cast 2021: Pompa, Amanda, jason martin, Manny changes all explored

Updated July 2021: If you’re a fan of the Iron Resurrection car reality show, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve updated this article with the latest news about its cast and the new episodes. That’s right, the wait is finally over, as season 5 is now available.

Iron Resurrection Cast 2021: Pompa, Amanda, jason martin, Manny changes all explored

For those of us whose entertainment starts and ends with everything on wheels, there are only so many car-based movies we can watch or strange car-crazy stunts we can take. For real entertainment, we need reality TV! We’re not talking about the kind of fluff shown in MTV’s Pimp My Ride where everything was made to look good, but was completely useless and usually fell apart as soon as the unsuspecting owners drove their sparkling rides home. Sure, the cars may have had a cotton candy machine in the trunk, plasma screens in the bumpers, or even a UFO landing pad on the roof, but Pimp My Ride was worthless as a show for car guys, and it did absolutely nothing to actually fix the cars.

Now, this is where Iron Resurrection comes in. This Motor Trend show, owned by Discovery, takes cars that are branded as irredeemable, and makes them new, from the inside out, improving them in the process. Unlike most other reality shows, including reality car shows, there is little to no drama on the show, no tempers sizzle, and no patience frays, and people don’t try to plot to kill each other or sabotage each other’s cars.

In fact, it’s very much normal, just like real life, and that’s probably why lots of car guys consider this show to be one of the best to watch when it comes to car TV. So, get ready, because here’s the true story behind the Iron Resurrection and its cast.

The show Iron Resurrection is all about the comings and goings at Martin Bros Customs, a car shop in the Texas Hill Country that was known for its great work even before the show started. While it may be called Martin Bros, because of Jason and Joe, the power couple behind it is Joe Martin and his wife, Amanda.

Growing up, Joe always loved Boyd Coddington’s work, but his products were out of Martin’s price range. This led to Joe making his own stuff, using the skills he picked up from neighbors or taught himself. Coddington isn’t the only person Joe Martin has admired though. He’s also a fan of Wayne Carini, host of Chasing Classic Cars.

The Iron Resurrection cast

Have a closer look at the cast of Iron Resurrection.

1. Joe Martin

Iron Resurrection Cast 2021: Pompa, Amanda, jason martin, Manny changes all explored
Joe Martin and his wife Amanda in a car. Photo: @mrs.martinbroscustoms
Source: Instagram

Joe Martin was born on April 16, 1969, in Austin, Texas, USA. He is a TV star, a fabricator and a vehicle customizer. As of 2021, Joe Martin’s age is 52 years.

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Joe began his career working as a custom machinery designer and vehicle builder at the Monster Garage in Austin, Texas.

He rose to fame in 2004, when he participated in the reality TV show Biker Build-Off, which was aired on Discovery Channel. The show was a competition among mechanics from different countries, each trying to build a unique custom bike to see a better builder.

Joe Martin also works as the lead mechanic and artist for the Master Bros Custom. He uses old boats and vintage material to make bikes.

Designing a custom car and motorcycle has always been exciting for Martin, also known as the “Mechanical Master of Texas.”

2. Amanda Martin

Iron Resurrection Cast 2021: Pompa, Amanda, jason martin, Manny changes all explored
A photo of Amanda Martin. Photo: @mrs.martinbroscustoms
Source: Instagram

Amanda Martin was born in Red Oak, Texas, US, on December 11, 1973. As of 2021, she is 47 years old. The star was named Amanda Jil Keathley at birth, and her parents are Sandi Klapp Nafziger and Zachariah J Keathley.

She has three siblings – two brothers named Zack and Keathley and a sister named Wendi. Amanda is a graduate of Red Oak High School in Texas.

Before she became a famous TV star, Amanda worked in the financial sector holding different positions. She worked for Wells Fargo as a branch manager between March 2007 and December 2011. She has also worked for Pioneer Bank in Austin.

Concerning her personal life, she is married to Joe Martin, and both feature in Iron Resurrection. The couple lives in Johnson City, Texas, where the show is based.

Amanda’s work in the series is to find damaged cars and bikes to give them a new look. She is self-taught when it comes to cars and bikes.

She co-owns the automobile building and refurbishing and customization company named Martin Bros Customs with her husband.

3. Michael Zabonik

Michael Zabonik is also famous for making appearances on the cast of Iron Resurrection. He is a welder and mechanic known for his excellent work in restoring and fabricating cars and trucks.

Michael was born on July 14, 1961. The reality TV star has been married twice; his first marriage was with Valerie K Zabonik. They got married on June 9, 1980, but divorced a few years later.

He then got married to Kimberly Kay Zabonik on November 8, 2011. The couple stayed together for almost three years and later on divorced.

4. Jayson ‘Shag’ Arrington

Jayson ‘Shag’ Arrington is a father, actor, and small business owner in Austin, Texas. Shag was born in the early 1970s to Bill and Joyce Arrington. His exact date of birth and age has not been disclosed so far.

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When it comes to his personal life, he has been married to Danielle Davidson since November 25, 1999. The couple has two sons – Rayce and Zaine Arrington.

Rayce was born on February 11, 2001, and is currently 20 years old. Zaine Arrington was born on September 19, 2006. He is currently 14 years old as of 2021.

Shag Arrington also has excellent experience in the marketing field. He is a businessman with more than two decades of experience in the field.

His craftsman skills were very vital in bringing the vintage cars back to a good look.

5. Javier ‘Shorty’ Ponce

What is Shorty’s real name on Iron Resurrection? His real name on the TV show is Javier “Shorty” Ponce. Javier is a specialist with a passion for working on automobiles.

He has dedicated his life to the field, having started working on cars at a very tender age.

On the show Iron Resurrection, Shorty is part of the engineering team that works on salvage cars destined for the junkyard.

6. Jason Martin

Jason Martin is Joe Martin’s brother. Unlike his brother, Jason has stayed out of the limelight. Most of his personal life details are not known.

However, he is known for his work on Iron Resurrection (2016), Final Recourse (2013), and Leap of Faith (1992).

Other crew members

Take a look at some of the other members who play a role in the show.

  • Carl’ Dirty Grande’ Large
  • Manny Manny
  • Pompa Pompa
  • Joe Zadwick
  • Bama Brown
  • Steve Reyes
  • Rocky Hansen
  • Lee Farris
  • Simon Jowett
  • Jason Krenek
  • Ron Parker
  • Bernie Vujicic
  • Deborah Vujicic
  • Paul Castillo
  • Chuck Davis
  • Cindy Davis

Frequently asked questions about Iron Resurrection

Here are some more facts about the show’s cast.

Is Amanda Martin married to Joe Martin?

Amanda is married to Joe Martin, and both feature in Iron Resurrection. The couple lives in Johnson City, Texas.

What is Shags real name on the Iron Resurrection?

Shags real name is Jayson “Shag” Arrington.

Who is Mike Z on the Iron Resurrection?

Mike Zabonik is a welder and mechanic known for his work restoring and fabricating cars and trucks.

How did Joe Martin meet Amanda?

Amanda met Joe through common friends and her brother, who worked at Martin’s bike business. Joe’s career in the industry was already doing great when the two lovebirds got married.

Hopefully, you now know a little bit more about the Iron Resurrection cast members.

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