Paul Rudd son and wife are on TikTok; Social media users pranked by Ant-Man look-alike

Is Paul Rudd’s son on TikTok

A man claiming to be the son of Hollywood actor Paul Rudd is taking over TikTok. But is he actually his son? Let’s find out.

Is Paul Rudd’s son on TikTok? Social media users pranked by Ant-Man look-alike

Recently, a number of celebrity children have joined TikTok, and they’ve all accumulated a pretty big following. There’s Claudia Conway, Romeo Beckham, Coco Arquette, Grace Wahlberg and Bronny James, just to name a few.

The latest celebrity child to be discovered by TikTok users is actor Paul Rudd’s son, and he looks really familiar to the Ant-Man actor. But many social media users think something seems a little suspicious.

Is Paul Rudd’s son actually on TikTok?

People think TikTok user @jaycubrudd is Paul Rudd’s son

A TikTok user called Jaycub Rudd has been going viral on TikTok recently after he made a number of videos claiming to be the son of Hollywood actor Paul Rudd.

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The videos started back in September when someone commented on one of @jaycubrudd’s TikTok’s saying that he looks like Paul Rudd. He filmed a video replying to the comment and simply shrugged his shoulders.


Reply to @beckerbraden that is a good question… #Paulrudd #PajamaJam

♬ I guess well never know – Connor Snow

Is he actually Paul Rudd’s son?

  • No.

@jacubrudd isn’t actually Paul Rudd’s son, but he does look very much like him, which is why the prank is so believable.

The TikTok user has kept up the facade for months, and he’s accumulated an impressive 113,000 followers doing so. However, much to a lot of people’s disappointment, he isn’t actually related to the actor.

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Paul Rudd has two children, Jack Sullivan and Darby, with his wife Julie Yaeger.

In his TikTok bio, it says the Paul Rudd look-a-like is a part-time stand-up comedian from Hawaii.

@jaycubrudd fools social media users

He isn’t actually Paul Rudd’s son, but he sure did a good job of pretending he was, and he fooled a lot of social media users.

One Twitter user said: “I was today years old when I found out Paul Rudd has a hot son.”

“I’m just as committed to letting my grades drop just as much as that guy on TikTok who swears he’s Paul Rudd’s son,” said another.

However people on TikTok weren’t so easily pranked, and the comments section of his videos is often full of people debunking his claims.

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