Iyabo Ojo Mocks Faithia Williams For Getting Engaged At 52

Iyabo Ojo

I will start the post with the words I should have used in ending it and the words are:

“Fear Women”. “Hell hath no fury like the anger of a scorned woman”

Iyabo Ojo and Faithia Williams are on a very serious battle and it is starting to get very ugly!

Faithia is currently in London to celebrate her 52nd birthday with fans, friends and family and happily enough she got engaged to her current “boyfriend” there.

Guess who is not having that story? Yes, her arch nemesis, Iyabo Ojo, who immediately went to her social media page to share a clip of her laughing hysterically in an apparent reaction to the news that Faithia Williams is engaged.

We of course do not find it funny, but there might be some insider information that Iyabo Ojo knows which we have not been privy to, otherwise we just don’t find anything funny in a lady getting engaged to her boyfriend.

We have the video clip below, to which Iyabo Ojo tagged “I laugh in peace”

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