Home News #justiceforsylvester: Circumstances surrounding Oromoni’s death

#justiceforsylvester: Circumstances surrounding Oromoni’s death

#justiceforsylvester: Circumstances surrounding Oromoni’s death

Reports had surfaced that Oromoni, a fellow student, had been tormented and physically abused.

According to @perrisonoromoni, who claimed to be the boy’s cousin, he died as a result of the alleged injuries he sustained during the beating.

Although the school issued a statement on Wednesday saying that Oromoni was not tormented or abused but only complained of hip pain after playing football, the charges were refuted.

According to the school’s statement, the victim’s cousin provided images and video footage proving that the boy had been bullied and battered before his death, which contradicted the school’s story.

Celebrities and Nigerians on social media has demanded justice for the late Sylvester and has rolled out the hashtag #justiceforsylvester to voice out their agitations.

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