Kano: Ganduje accused of distributing COVID-19 as deportation of Almajiris begins

Kano: Ganduje accused of distributing COVID-19 as deportation of Almajiris begins

Governor Umar Ganduje of Kano State has come under attack over the deportation of Almajiris from the State.

Ganduje said that the move became necessary to reduce the risk of exposing almajiris to the deadly coronavirus.

However, this move has been met with diverse reactions from Nigerians on social media, as they are accusing the Governor of putting other states at risk.

Some Nigerians are of the opinion that the move should be stopped as Kano has recorded a recent spike in Covid-19 cases and the deported almajiris could be carriers of the virus.

As of Monday night, Kano recorded twenty-three cases which brings the tally at the state to 59.

Here are some comments gathered by Wothappen.com from Twitter:

@nemerem “Governor Ganduje is not smart,he is redistributing the virus. Think of some other solution. House them in all the empty houses and public schools etc.”

@Tutsy22 “If this deportation was carried out by a Southern Governor, Arewa will start convulsing. Civil war will start from Kano, churches will be burnt, Christians will be killed.

Kano: Ganduje accused of distributing COVID-19 as deportation of Almajiris begins

“You people knew their home towns, but you left them on the streets to perform the role of political thugs.”

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@Eion7 “How is this move a good one? What if there are infected people among those to be “deported”? So they go back and spread the disease in communities that are neither aware or prepared for what’s coming?

@Morikijamilu “Please leave them to stay there, because deporting them to their various states will do nothing than to further spread the pandemic because you may not know that, they are already infected with virus.”

@Emmaezeokoro “Test them before deporting them; let’s not take this disease to rural areas where the government doesn’t care about.”

@gentlelink “This is Nigeria, Gandollar is simply saying their work is done and is time to go home pending the resumption of next season.”

@Jgodwin2k “Why deport them in this critical time when everyone is supposed to stay put wherever you are. NCDC isn’t this going to more or less trigger a spreading tsunami in an event some of this boys might have had contacts with a carrier and not tested before deportation.”

@Babaiyali5 “Deporting them to where? There shouldn’t be movement out of Kano. That will spread the virus more. Provide some sort of shelter and care for them. That would have been the right and moral thing to do.”

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@Dann_10 “Every Nigerian has the right to live and practice his/her anywhere in the country. Deportation of citizens is against the FCON.”

@Teefire112 “Thats the most senseless thing to do. They are Nigerians and they should be catered for. There are a lot of Kano Almajiris in other states should they be deported as well?

@Marce11inus “Remember the Lagos bike incedence.All of a sudden, “deportation” is now a good option.Because it is done by Kano state tyrant. My Northern fellow on this timeline, what is Hypocrisy please?

@Mamuzoadums “Deportation yeah? Deporting fellow Nigerians is illegal I hope you know. Plus, if you people actually tried to take them off the street with proper education, there won’t be need for it. But nah, keep them there and use them when it’s time for elections. Kano will be fine.”

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