Kind stranger buys food for desperate girl looking for a job

Kind stranger buys food for desperate girl looking for a job

A girl, Sbina, opened up about how a stranger did something kind for her on one of the days she needed it the most

She was out looking for a job and she felt overwhelmed when a kind man saw she looked “tired”

Instead of turning a blind eye, the man bought her food and gave her hope

Taking to the #ImStaying Facebook page on Thursday, Rampai opened up about a man’s act of kindness. learned Sbina lost her job in December and has been looking for work ever since. She visited a Mall to drop off her CV with the hopes of landing employment.

However, she felt overwhelmed by her situation and needed to take “a breather”.

“One gentleman came up to me and asked if I was okay and I said yes. Heavens know l wasn’t. After couple of minutes he came back and asked the same question and my response was still the same.”

However, the man realised she was down and her offered to buy her food.

“He then said, I quote: ‘come, let me buy you some food, you look tired and hungry’. I laughed and cried,” she added.

Take a look at the post below:

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Kind stranger buys food for desperate girl looking for a job

Friends applauded the kind man’s actions and wished Rampai the best on her job hunting.

“Wishing you find the right job soon.”

Joan McMurray said:

“Lovely post. Pay forward, I agree God bless and thank you to the benefactor too. Hugs and love to all stayers yay God bless.”

Joy van Niekerk wrote:

“May God shower you both with blessings.”

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