Lady, 22, still jobless after poverty made her drop out of school

Lady, 22, still jobless after poverty made her drop out of school

Ruby Venson, an adorable 22-year-old Ghanaian lady has become a school dropout after she left Accra Technical University due to an inability to cater for her expenses.

In an interview with SV TV Africa seen by Wothappen on their official YouTube channel, Ruby indicated that she was studying Fashion Designing before the unfortunate happened.

According to Ghanaian lady, the person who was fending for her since senior high school at Methodist Girls’ Senior High fell on hard times and could not support her any longer.

Sadly, the beautiful young lady also lost her father in the midst of the financial crisis her family was facing and this worsened the situation for Ruby and her mother.

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Currently, finances remain very tight for Ruby as she is now unemployed and without any presentable qualification with which to seek a job.

Ruby explained that she tried starting some businesses but things did not work out well on all the occasions but she still aspires to become a designer one day.

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