Lady confronts family friend sleeping with her dad (video)

Lady confronts family friend sleeping with her dad (video)

A video of a young lady confronting an elderly woman inside a store is currently making rounds on social media. The video showed the unidentified young lady confronting the woman at her place of work.

In the video which was uploaded on YouTube, the young lady walked up to the woman and confronted her. She asked her if she has been sleeping with her father and the woman replied to her question, saying no.

The lady then pulled out her phone showing her evidence that proves her accusation.

In response to the evidence, the elderly woman took her phone and called the police. She reported the lady and said she was abusing her.

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However, the young lady went on stating that the elderly woman, who seemed to be a family friend, slept with her dad even though her mother has always respected her. She said the woman has known her parents for over twenty years.

When she was asked to calm down, the lady insisted that all she wants to do is talk sense into her and tell her to leave her father alone.

See video below..

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