Lady fainted after her sister married her ex boyfriend

Lady fainted after her

Matters of the heart are very delicate and it has been said that stronger than lover’s love is lover’s hate. This means that someone who has been scorned in a relationship can go the extra mile to get revenge.

Just recently, a scorned lover identified on Twitter as Erick J. Banks took to the microblogging site to share how he hurt his ex-girlfriend after she jilted him.

According to Banks, she had ghosted him for three years before eventually breaking up with him.

Banks then explained further that he started dating his ex-girlfriend’s younger sister on the side and he eventually proposed marriage to her. He added that his ex-girlfriend fainted upon finding out and he wished she had died.

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Banks wrote: “She ghosted me for 3 years, Mann 3 years believed I would marry her….Then one day booom she said it was over, the pain I felt. Fast forward 4 years later I dated her young Sister without her knowing……Last week I proposed in front of her & she fainted….I wished she died.”

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