Lakeside School Bill Gates: when did Bill Gates attend Lakeside School?

Lakeside School

Lakeside School is a private educational institution situated in Seattle (Washington) in the United States of America. The School was established in 1919 under the motto “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap”.

Lakeside School Bill Gates: when did Bill Gates attend Lakeside School?

The lakeside school comprises 111 faculties and the grades available are from 5-12. “The Tatler” is the name of the School’s newspaper and the Student to teacher ratio stands at 9:1. The school is not affiliated to any religious entity and it has an endowment fund of $222 million.

Lakeside School Tuition

Lakeside school tuition is classified not only among the best in the United States but across the globe also. The tuition fees swim in the ten thousand dollars.
For the 2020/2021 school year, the tuition fee is $38,160 per student. The management of the school has an extensive need-based financial-aid program that supports qualifying families with incomes from $10,000 to over $250,000.

Lakeside School Acceptance Rate

The lakeside school delivers a quality teaching and learning experience. As a result, the acceptance rate for students is likely based on Academic Excellence and other criteria. According to information available on the school’s official website, the admission office typically receives about seven to eight applications for every available space. The total of students in the 5th grade is 34 whilst the highest number of students at a grade in the entire school is 149 students and that is at 10th grade.

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Lakeside School Bill Gates: when did Bill Gates attend Lakeside School?

Lakeside School Admissions

The lakeside school has no minimum score for admission and in addition, the school enrolls students who score across a wide spectrum.
The admission reviewing committee considers all aspects of the application through our review process.

Lakeside School Ranking

Lakeside school is not ranked in the World’s top 100 private schools. As when the school’s exact ranking is made available, this medium will keep you posted.

Lakeside School Alumni

Some prominent personality had their primary education at Lakeside School. These include Co-founder of Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates (class of 1973); Co-founder of Microsoft and founder and chairman of Vulcan Inc, Paul Allen (class of 1971); Computer software pioneer, programmer and LGBT philanthropist, Ric Weiland (class of 1971); American physicist and Director of the Institute for Nuclear Theory at the University of Washington, David B. Kaplan, (class of 1976); first president of the Nike Foundation, Maria Eitel (class of 1980); among others.

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Lakeside Summer Camp

The lakeside school organizes Summer camp activities for its students most often. Over 600 students from the Greater Seattle area have the opportunity to spend a week to a month and two weeks on Campus having fun outdoor, playing games, and engaging peers and teachers.

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