Laycon To Get A Strike As He Breaks One Of Biggy’s Most important Rule In The House (Video)

Laycon To Get A Strike

Laycon now risks getting a strike from Biggy as he violates one of Biggy’s most important rule in the house. There are a lot of rules in the Big Brother Naija season 5 lockdown house and these rules are set by Biggy with strict warnings that whoever violates any of the rules will get a strike and repeated strike up to 3 times will leas to a disqualification.

Laycon To Get A Strike

The rule Laycon seems to have violated is the rule that prohibits housemates talking about fans, supporters and votes in the Big Brother Naija house.

Yesterday while Laycon was having a conversation with Ozo, Trikkytee, Dorathy and Neo, Laycon talked about Fans and supporters intensively. We, however, don’t know if Laycon talked about this intentionally or absent-minded but we do know that he talked about fans and supporters making him break one of Biggy’s important rule of the house.

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Laycon To Get A Strike

Here is Laycon’s speech about fans and supporters in the Big Brother Naija house and we quote him, “Trikkytee, one thing about fans is that… Me, I respect fans a lot oh. If the least, one of them even if na small boy or small girl, anything wey done make them like you… Do you know how many people they are telling about it? Do you? So any fan wey come hug me, I go hug am like say I know am”

Laycon To Get A Strike

Recall that one of the Big Brother Naija housemates, Erica was disqualified due to accumulated strike he got from breaking Biggy’s rules of the house.

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We really hope Laycon won’t be in trouble for the Biggy’s rule he just violated as in our opinion, we believe that he talked about Fans and supporters in the house absentmindedly and not in any way intentional.

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