Leaked chat between Ubi Franklin and Sandra, alleged baby mama

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A private whatsApp chat between music executive  Ubi Franklin and his 4th baby mama, Sandra Ihueuwa, has leaked online.

As indicated by a social media user identified on  Instagram  @cutie_juls, the leaked chat showed moments the music mogul and the business woman were having discussions on her pregnancy and how he allegedly didn’t want to have anything to do with the report.

Read their conversations below :








Sandra was however bashed by Nigerians who have been reacting to the news of the leaked chat. Most people condemned her for having a low self-esteem and seemingly pushing herself on Ubi Franklin.

As it appeared from the chat she was aware he had a relatiinship with another baby mama of his

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“All I can see is a desperate successful young woman looking for attention.The Sandra even knows Ubi’s story and was aware at the time that Nicole was pregnant, yet she chose to get pregnant for Ubi.What a shame!.As for this short man with bipolar sperm, God forgive me, I hate Ubi.” one user wrote

“This jst shows hw milloons of ladies r in a rltnshp dt does nt exist no matter ur status n’ pocket! wt dis chat it is vry clear dt Ubi was in jst to giv d D while she was in for love. as a woman 90% has fallen into situations like dis including me buh be vry wise wen it comes to being pregnant. if d rltnshp aint fruitful n u aint happy wt d situations even u r still in love n still get d

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Another person said :

“You go and sleep with a man like Ubi and you don’t use protection, you don’t take after morning pills meanwhile you know you are not in your safe period. Sister you see your agenda has failed?? Now you are bringing into the world a baby who is gonna hate her dad and innocent men like us for nothing meanwhile only enjoyment you were thinking of when chopping. Women your wahala is jus too much!!

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