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Loving husband who sings to cancer-stricken wife narrates how his voice soothes her pain

Love is patient, love is kind, it does not boast, it is not proud. This is what the Holy Bible says.

A US man who has his faith entrenched in God has wowed netizens with how perfectly he gave life to the heartwarming verse.


Ray Singleton is the epitome of kindness and the SI unit of dedicated husbands thanks to his ability to put a smile on his wife’s face even on her lowest days.

The young man narrated how his lovely wife has battled brain cancer for seven painstaking years but still manages to be brave through the fight.

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Ray and his lovely lady met back in 2016 and clicked immediately. “I met my wife in November 2016. We were at a party that was a last-minute decision for us both.

She actually asked for my number first. Literally from that point, we were inseparable,” he told The shade room.


His wife was diagnosed with the dreaded disease while she was in the Navy and would often complain of non-stop, overwhelming migraines.

By the time the two were married, Ray’s better half had gone into remission after an orange size tumour was removed from her head.

Sadly, Ros Singleton suffered a relapse after their wedding and had to start fighting for her life again. Since then, Ray has made it his sole duty to sing to Ros whenever she is in hospital or just at home living and thriving.

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According to him, his songs light up her days and make her forget her worries just for a moment. “I knew singing to her would help because it helps me every day.

They say every lady wants her man to sing to her and God gave me the gift of singing,” Ray added.

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