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Man Rewards His Girlfriend With A Benz For Standing By Him When He Was Broke

A Nigerian man has rewarded his girlfriend for standing by her during the hard times of his life after dating her for almost four years.

According to a Twitter user identified as @wunna147 the man was broke but his girlfriend was ten toes and stood with him, and in appreciation for the unflinching support and love she has shown him all these years, he bought a brand-new Benz for her as gift for her birthday.

Wunna claimed that he congratulated him and his friend said this;

‘God no go let us go all out for the wrong person Omo love is sweet abeg, just find you own person that will still love you even when you’re down to your lowest’.

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See some reactions from social media users below;

@uchewalawala wrote;

This is a rarity and I wish people would stop making this seem like a norm. Staying with a broke man is a choice and it’s not for everyone. And just because the guy has potential doesn’t mean he will live up to it.


Atleast he is a grateful type, some don’t even even bother.

Congratulations on your new whip o my dear sister

@kunlereal wrote;

Nowadays, to find a gal that stands by her broke bf., you have a better chance of finding a needle in a sea

@iamrenny wrote;

Some break up after they make the money 
All of a sudden you are not their type anymore 
But for the ones that remain loyal 
God go bless una 
This love go reach everybody

@kikkybambam wrote;

Well she’s lucky to have a good man that repaid all her kindness back to her in good measure. Not every woman that stood by a man gets lucky like this.

@haryoormide wrote;

 I have told you to stand by me countless of times,now that I don’t have money,you don’t know what tomorrow holds for me baby 

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