Marriage Didn’t Make Me Dump “Spiff” – Samuel Ajibola Says

According to Samuel, the Johnson character, after he announced his quit from the series, many people have attributed it to his marriage. He disclosed that some people have the perception that his arriage made him leave the series. In an interview wtih Sunday Scoop, Ajibola said…..

“Some people think that marriage made me leave The Johnsons but that’s far from the truth. It is very important for everyone to have a direction for their lives. I believe there is a time and purpose for everything. 10 years is a significant amount of time and I have given all that I can in depicting the ‘Spiff’ character. I realized that my purpose for the show has been fulfilled and it is time for me to do other things.

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“My decision had nothing to do with my marital status. My wife was very supportive of my decision. She knows I am very analytical. I am not okay with being in my comfort zone for too long. I’m adventurous and I like challenges. My family also gave me their blessings.”

“I know a lot of people might have different opinions about this but I am not moved by that. Being Spiff is not the ultimate. I have bigger purposes to fulfill in life and time is of the essence. I have a lot of things in the ‘bag’ and I’m not quitting acting.”

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