MARTIN SAMUEL: You won. We won… yet the struggle does not end here

MARTIN SAMUEL: You won. We won… yet the struggle does not end here

You won. We won. We all. Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, each administrator who stood up, each player who stood firm. The fans outside Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea Pitch Owners. The individuals who brought their flags down from The Kop. The individuals who dismissed vitally uncommon tickets for Sunday’s cup last. Indeed, even the supportively libertarian PM and his administration. We won. Triumph is our own.

They marked an agreement to most recent 23 years and it kept going 48 hours. Dead in the water. No chance to get back. However the battle doesn’t end here. Having uncovered their endgame so in an exposed fashion, it should be guaranteed this can never happen again. Legitimately restricting articles of relationship for each club, each beginning with a basic message: that they play in Football Association and UEFA authorized rivalries just, and nothing past. Make it watertight, make it restricting. Convey it with the goal that these intimidations can never be voiced again.

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