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Masquerade Foregoes God’s Work To Collect A Lady’s Number After Wooing Her [Video]

The masquerade was seen really wooing the young lady by the roadside in the video, which has received mixed views on social media. He then took out his phone and requested that the lady type her phone number into it.

According to the sounds in the background, the masquerade also asked the lady if she was on WhatsApp and told her to dial the number she put on his phone for him to confirm it was valid.

Masquerade Foregoes God's Work To Collect A Lady's Number After Wooing Her [Video]

Check out the video below:


In other developments, Bashir Annan, a Ghanaian rapper, has announced the death of his father on social media, just a week after losing his grandfather.

The rapper, who is known for his luxurious lifestyle, announced his father’s death on Twitter, a microblogging platform. He said that he learned of the news shortly after releasing his music video “Boys Aye Wild” at a press conference.

Gambo admitted that the last three days had been the toughest of his life, particularly after burying his late father today, barely a week after his grandfather died.

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