Meet Thomas Lycett, The Second Husband Of Taiwo Ajai-Lycett

Taiwo Ajai-Lycett

Taiwo Ajai Lycett is a veteran actress who has had over fifty years of experience in acting.

Throughout her 79 years, she has gained a lot of experience in acting, journalism, and general issues in the world making her a true gem to this generation. She was born on the 3rd of February, 1941 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Thomas Aldridge Lycett was the second husband of Taiwo Ajai- Lycett. Thomas married Taiwo a couple of years after she divorced her first husband, David Akinduro. Thomas Aldridge after a blissful marriage died in 1993.

The couple got married in 1968 and were married for 25 years. They had a good marriage that was blessed with children and only had their marriage end because Thomas passed away in 1993. According to his widow, her second husband was a compensation life gave her after her first abusive marriage. Not only was Thomas a good husband but according to Taiwo, he had assisted her with her creative works. Below is a picture of the adorable couples.

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