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Melting heart video of 3 years old boy leading prayer in class drop, Internet users react

A three-year-old boy from the US has moved close to Jesus early enough and people around the world could not be happier, following a recent video that has since gone viral on social media.

Every parent dreams of raising children who would not only be morally upright but also, very close to God. For the mother of little Makhi Martin, it is pretty clear that her training is slowly paying off.

Currently trending on social media is a video of the 3-year-old boy after he decided to lead his class in prayers with an adorable short word of grace during his birthday.

His mum was lucky enough to be in the room while the little champ showed off his mastery of a powerful prayer. His mum revealed that she could not believe her ears when Makhi got to business and recited a whole prayer like a learned adult.

Makhi in the video, can be seen standing with his head bowed in prayer, his eyes shut and his little palms clasped together as he observed his prayer.

Watch video below:


The little boy who schools in a Christian institution, did not want to consume his lunch without giving thanks to the almighty God in prayers.

“Bless all the boys and girls all over the world,” Makhi could be heard asking God in his sweet prayer.

Ranisha Martin, Makhi’s mum was so overwhelmed and impressed by her son’s ability to pray in such a powerfl and touching manner, she decided to share the brief but adorable and beautiful moment with the world and it came as no surprise that the video went viral.


The proud mom revealed her boy touched her heart in ways no one can ever imagine.

In her interview with Good Morning America, Ranisha stated her son is a smart boy who learns quickly and never ceases to amaze her.

“He is obsessed with dinosaurs. He can name all the dinosaurs and something special about them. He can tell you his birthday, his mom and dad’s names, where he lives,” Ranisha gushed.

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