Michelle Obama – biography, age, height, education

Michelle Obama

A lot has been said about the uniqueness of Michelle Obama compared to other First Ladies The United States ever had. Her beauty, unique sense of style, physical fitness and lots more. In all, one striking physical feature that will wow you is her height. Mrs Michelle Obama’s height is 5 fit and 11 inches, tall enough to single her out in every congregation.

Michelle Obama

Activities Lawyer and writer

Michelle Obama’s quickly became independent woman when she became an assistant to Chicago city hall at the time when Richard M. Dale was mayor. It was during this time that she met her future husband Barack Obama. Barack Obama was then a young lawyer whom she was to manage as her mentor. It followed Marry in 1992 till date; the couple has two daughters Malia Ann and Sasha Obama.

Quick Facts on Michelle Obama

  • Name of Birth: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson
  • Date of Birth: 17 January 1964
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of Birth: Chicago (USA)
  • Father’s Name: Fraser Robinson
  • Mother’s Name: Marian Shields Robinson
  • Husband: Barack Obama
  • Children: Malia, Ann and Natasha Sasha Obama
  • Where she schooled: University of Princeton and Havard

Early Life Of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was born January 17, 1964 in a popular Chicago neighborhood. Her father’s name is Fraser Robinson and he worked on boilers in the municipal water filtration plant. She did not have an easy childhood because her brother (Craig) and she slept in the living room of the two rooms that her father really pained to pay.

Her childhood was not easy but not unhappy because her childhood was very happy. The education of Michelle and her brother were very brilliant because, very intelligent, they skipped a class. Being young she has as hobbies and is also interested in the piano. She also develops her love for cooking.

Best Known for

Since the arrival of Michelle’s husband, Barack Obama in power, she has directly become an icon for all women, not only in the United States but, also around the world.

The release of her memoir entitled “Becoming” inspires several persons. She then becomes a model and plays an important role in the lives of many. She inspires many with her speech and for the descendants of slaves she is a revelation for them. She has proven and show to everyone that they can all succeed no matter where they come from.

Gossips and rumors on Michelle Obama

A rumor that Michelle Obama has died was recently announced on Twitter. This rumor overturns the state of mind of the Americans. This rumor was quickly enlightened because Michelle Obama is very healthy and alive. This news has ignited the canvas so much that those around him have formally denied this rumor. This rumor had already been relayed by media and radio all over the world but his spokesperson took the floor to put things right.

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Michelle Obama’s career

Michelle Obama’s career began in 1993 when she became executive director of an unprofitable association. The purpose of this association was to help young people to work for the same purpose.

In 1996, she extended her career by developing as Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago.

In 2002, she progressed in business and became director general of communitarian affairs at the University of Chicago hospital. She then rose in 2005 to the position of vice president of external affairs at the University of Medicine in Chicago.

In 2009, more precisely on January 20, it was Michelle Obama who kept the Bible on which her husband was sworn in during his election as president at the capitol in Washington.

Michelle Obama then becomes the first lady of the United States of America and becomes the first black First Lady in the history of the USA. It nevertheless continues its work of good will by integrating the Red Cross in 2010 in order to support victims of the earthquake and the Tsunami in Haiti.

Amateur Won by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama won a Grammy Award on January 26, 2020. Her award was offered to her in the category of best recorded speech album for her autobiography “Becoming”. In her audio she admits her difficulty of becoming pregnant, her disinterestedness in politics and her dissatisfaction with Donald Trump over the controversy over her husband’s citizenship.

The former first lady of the USA was therefore awarded for her spoken album, the narration of the book and the audio poetry. Michelle Obama was also voted the most admired woman in the United States. Michelle Obama continues to write her story.

Net worth of Michelle Obama

Lawyer Michelle Obama, 56, is arguably the highest paid in the world. She has revenues of over $ 87 million. Michelle is a very enterprising person and deserves this fortune that belongs to her.

Her net worth is over $269 million by some calculations. Her fortune comes to her in large part from her stock market placements, from a real estate heritage from lucrative advertising contracts such as CoverGirl.

Michelle Obama

Height and Weight

Michelle Obama is a tall woman with an athletic body build and a pear-shaped form. Talking in an interview to an American television host, Jimmy Kimmel, Michelle noted how she gets noticed way too often because of her five feet 11 inches frame. The elegant first lady has a slender upper body in comparison to her lower body meaning that most of her body fats are stored in the lower part of her body.

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It makes a lot of sense that the woman has the kind of height and body structure that she has since her brother also has the same body structure and the height. Her weight is ‎77 Kilograms.

Michelle Obama

With her height, she towers over all other first ladies the US ever had, except – Eleanor Roosevelt, who just like Mrs Obama, stood at a fairly remarkable 5′ 11″. Looking at her height, Mrs Obama is just a half-inch shorter than the 2000-2004 US President – George W. Bush who measures 5 fit and 11 1/2. She is also at the same height with the 28th US President Woodrow Wilson.

Mrs Obama is also known for her outstanding physical fitness. She has been seen tirelessly working on the fitness of this great nation’s children. Her program, Let’s Move isdedicated to solving obesity problem within a generation, so that children born today will grow up healthier and be able to pursue their dreams. She sure loves to exercise her body and she uses her spare time to do just that. Her favourite sports is tennis, but she enjoys watching basketball as well.

Is She A Man or Transgender?

In as much as you will come across people, conspiracy theorists, speculating that Michelle Obama is a man and is now a transgender, there is completely no truth about it. The whole thing about the former First Lady being a man was championed by Alex Jones who uses his YouTube channel, InfoWars to promote conspiracies. According to the man, Michelle is a man and he/she is responsible for the death of Joan Rivers who exposed the truth about the gender issue.

m. O

What the InfoWars man forgot to think about is that Joan Rivers was a Comedian. Apart from the man, there are many other conspiracy theorists like him that strongly believe Michelle Obama is a man or at best or maybe worse, a transgender.

Another thing that has made all the conspiracy theorists keep up with their claims is the fact that Michelle has a height and body structure that is intimidating. This is even though it is the same body structure that her brother has. At the end of the day, however, it is all false as she is actually a woman.

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