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Mike Tyson ‘died’ from hallucinogenic toad venom ingestion.

Mike Tyson 'died' from hallucinogenic toad venom ingestion.

Mike Tyson died of a heroin overdose – sort of.

At Wonderland, a Miami conference dedicated to psychedelics, microdosing, and medicine, the 55-year-old former world champion boxer told The Post, “I ‘died’ during my first trip.” “I’ve observed death to be beautiful on my travels.” Both life and death must be beautiful, but death has a terrible reputation. I’ve learned from the toad that I won’t stay here indefinitely. “There is a time limit.”

Mike Tyson 'died

Bufo alvarius, a Mexico amphibian also known as the Sonoran Desert Toad, is the “toad.” It spends seven months of the year underground, but when it is active, its venom can be smoked for a brief euphoric experience. The venom has long been employed in traditional healing rituals, but with the rise in popularity of LSD and ayahuasca among Hollywood’s elite, “the toad” is gaining a lot of attention.

It had been four years since Tyson had discovered it. He was 100 pounds overweight at the time, and he was also drinking and doing drugs. He appeared to be slow and dissatisfied. One of his pals suggested that he try toad venom, which he did and enjoyed.

Tyson recalls, “I did it as a dare.” “Why not? I was already doing hard drugs like cocaine.” It is a different world. I was a wreck before doing the toad. My most difficult opponent was always myself. My self-esteem was low. Low self-esteem is common among people with huge egos. That is subsidized by our egos. The ego of the toad is stripped.”

Mike Tyson 'died

He’s tripped toad a total of 53 times, sometimes three times in one day. He lost 100 pounds in three months, resumed boxing, and reconciled with his wife and children, according to him.

He’s also become a psychedelics evangelist, preaching across the country.

“It has helped me focus and has made me more creative,” he remarked. “As a businessman and entrepreneur, I’m more present.”

Tyson is such a fan of the psychedelic toad that he maintains a full nursery of them at his ranch in Desert Hot Springs, California. If you will, call it venom on demand.

He stated, “People notice the change [in me].” “It’s self-evident.” In 1989, I was a completely different person. My intellect isn’t smart enough to comprehend what happened, but things have changed for the better. The toad’s sole aim is to help you achieve your full potential. I have a unique perspective on the world. We’re all the same to each other. “It’s all about love.”

toad venom ingestion.
The venom of the Sonoran Desert Toad has long been employed in ancient healing practices, and its hallucinogenic effects have recently acquired popularity. Nypost is responsible for this image.

Tyson is collaborating on two cannabis brands, one of which is named “Undefeated,” with a new partnership that includes entrepreneur Adam Wilks and marijuana behemoth Columbia Care Inc. His “Toad” line will not include any hallucinogenic venom, but it is based on his wild encounters with toads.

However, with areas such as Denver, Detroit, and Oakland decriminalizing mushrooms, Tyson is hopeful that he will soon be able to sell the real toad venom.

He’s invested in Wesana Health, a biotech firm that’s developing psilocybin as a treatment for traumatic brain injuries.

“I’m campaigning for psychedelics to become over-the-counter medicine,” he stated. “I’m not done yet.” More is something I’d like to do. In this sector, I want to be the greatest I can be.”

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