Mixed Reactions After Hyundai Ghana Launched Its First Electric Car In Ghana

Most Ghanaians are having mixed reactions after automobile company Hyundai launched it’s first electric vehicle in the country.

Earlier this morning, the company presented its first electric vehicle to the Ministry of Energy of which they were well received by the Minister in- charge Hon. Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh at the ministry’s secretariat.

Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh receiving the entourage and the inspecting the car commended Hyundai Ghana for working in accordance with the Government of Ghana initiative to support and promote the usage of renewable energy in the automobile industry.

He said the government through the ministry is committed on on supporting and promoting the usage of renewable energy in the automobile sector and also chart the course of electric vehicles in the country in some years to come through its October 2019 declaration.

Hyundai Gh presented an electric vehicle to the Ministry. This initiative is consistent with government’s declared commitment in Oct 2019 to support the usage of renewable energy in the automotive industry and to chart the course for EV use in the near future. @HyundaiWorldGh

Most Ghanaians are now reacting to the news of the Hyundai company manufacturing an electric vehicle in Ghana considering the consistent power outages we experiencing in the country.

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According to many, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) can not even provide enough power to our various homes for domestic consumption, so how much more providing enough power to ‘power’ our cars.

Check out some of the comments;

Yaw Yiadom® ‏@PY_Yiadom·2hReplying to @MatthewOPrempeh and @HyundaiWorldGh We can barely iron our cloths not alone charge a car. lol

Paa Kwesi Indomie@papakwesi_jr·13hReplying to @MatthewOPrempeh@KBRichard01 and @HyundaiWorldGhWith this your dumsor how we go fi drive this car?? Hon be serious for once please

THREE-EYED RAVEN@AMLJYAP·2hReplying to @MatthewOPrempeh@ManKujoe and @HyundaiWorldGhLemme charge my phone first before this people take it for Hyundai

Prempeh Asiedu Foster@aroma_jason·13hReplying to @MatthewOPrempeh and @HyundaiWorldGhWe all appreciate the technology they are using in our country…Good Work Done. Toa so.

Nana Kofi@foseisarpong·10hReplying to @MatthewOPrempeh and @HyundaiWorldGh The government charges exorbitantly for electronic and hybrid vehicles. If indeed this is the direction, the government should scrap duty in hybrid and electronic vehicles

Paapa Ampomah@kwekuzimba·1hReplying to @MatthewOPrempeh and @HyundaiWorldGhSo Ghana wey we no get electricity constantly how we go charge wanna cars?

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