Mizkif reacts to 4Conner’s logs that surfaced online


Mizkif revealed he won’t allow 4Conner to join his stream moving forward. This was after Conner’s logs surfaced online. He opened up about the situation as Conner also came forward and apologized for what he said in the past.

After Conner’s logs surfaced online, fans were quick to react to it. Many were extremely upset with what he said in the past, and Mizkif was one of them. Following this, Mizkif announced he and Conner are no longer friends. His followers became curious to find out what happened. Here are all the details below.

Mizkif on 4Conner logs

Conner found himself in trouble after his past logs surfaced online. In it, he had said some statements that people found offensive. Mizkif decided to acknowledge this and revealed the action he would be taking from his side.

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“Conner is no longer allowed at my house ever again,” he said. “There is being edgy, and I know people who have been edgy, including myself. I would never deny my edginess and you can learn from it. But some of these logs are very recent for me, some are a year old. It is not even just a little bit, it’s a lot.”

He continued, “It’s pages of things that Conner said, and it is very wrong. It is hard because Conner was a very good friend. He was always there whenever we needed him. It is not easy, but I can’t. It is too much.”

4Conner apologizes for his past behavior

After Mizkif came forward, Conner also made a video of his own on Twitch. “I have said a lot of bad things. I have offended a lot of people,” he said. “I didn’t even read the whole post, I clicked on it and saw one thing, I got out of it. I was so sick. I couldn’t stand seeing that was me, that I typed that sh*t.”

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“It’s not me. It’s not who I am. It is who I was. I was never transphobic, homophobic. It was all in my head and it was all jokes. I never meant any serious harm to anyone. What I said was very bad and at the end of the day, I was being homophobic, I was being transphobic, I was being racist, I was being anti-sematic. It’s hard for me to associate myself with that because I know how I feel and I know I have hurt a lot of people, friends, and family.”

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