Mummy calm down – Little boy talks mum out of beating him (Video)

Mummy calm down – Little boy talks mum out of beating him (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media has shown the moment a little boy tried to talk his mum out of beating him after he obviously did something wrong.

The little boy was seen in the video crying and begging his mom to ‘calm down and rest a little’ before taking any action against him.

After some minutes of begging to no avail, he went down on his knees and continued bargaining with his mother, in order to escape the punishment.

His mom stood her ground, insisting that she was going to flog him despite his excessive plea. However, the video didn’t reveal if he was later punished or pardoned.

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Watch the video below;

This boy has become a sensation on social media as many users praised him for his negotiating skills and wondered what would become of him when he becomes an adult.

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