My Business Crumbled After Marrying Her – Husband Accuses Wife Of Being A Witch

My Business Crumbled After Marrying Her - Husband Accuses Wife Of Being A Witch

A man planning to send his wife packing has stated that he is suspecting she might be a witch after his business crumbled immediately after marrying her.

In his post on Nairaland, the man wrote that his business was doing fine before they got married, but one day, the shop got burnt and that was the beginning of his misery, as he barely could be able to afford to eat.

Read his post:

Before marrying my wife, my business was moving well. I had an appliances big shop with full of things. I made a lots of money monthly and was able to pay all my bills and take care of my single mother and siblings without fail.

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But since we got married, just two months and 5 days after our marriage, my shop caught fire. I have lost almost everything only managed to save some few things, had to pay for all the damages to my landlord (the shop owner ) I’m still owning him money and I’m now renting a small shop but things are not working.

I have so much debts to pay to so many people including my previous shop landlord, can’t afford a 3 square meals, can’t afford to pay house rent, can’t afford to pay my shop rent and we have moved to my parents house.

My wife is pregnant and due in April, we haven’t bought anything for the baby. I wish never met her in my life cos she has completely destroyed my life and I have nothing left. She is evil. Haven’t confronted her cos of her condition, don’t want to add more stress to her and am waiting for her to put to bed then I will confront her and chase her away. I will keep the baby with me so she can go with her child she had before we met. I just hate her so much and I want nothing to do with her anymore.

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Please what do you suggest I do?

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