N180m And 10 Motorcycles Was Used To Free Our Children – Parents Of 14 Kidnapped Greenfield Students Kaduna (VIDEO)

A sum of N180 million was paid to bandits and also 10 motorcycles were given to them in addition to secure the release of abducted students of the Greenfield University Kaduna, parents reported.

Recall that the abducted students of the Greenfield University Kaduna were set free on Saturday, May 29. They were whisked away from their hostels on April 20. Regrettably, on two different occasions where parents and the government failed to respond to the demands of the bandits, five of students were killed.

The bandits released the 14 students to their parents on Saturday after receiving all that they requested for.

On TVC, one of the parents of the abducted students revealed that they had to come up with N180 million to settle the demands of the bandits so that they could release their wards.

”N180 million. That is what they collected from us, from parents without the help of the government. None of the government officials came to our aid since the 20th of April when they took these children” the parent who did not give his name said

Meanwhile, the Kaduna State Government has reiterated that its administration is not negotiating with bandits.

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Watch the video from the parent’s interview below

Nigerians on social media reacted to the revelation of the parent who failed to disclose his identity. Ghgossip compiled some below;

@iambako44 wrote; “Imagine getting kidnapped in ur own country by terrorists and the government failed to help in the rescue. But only 2 American were kidnapped in Northern Nigeria a recuse mission was conducted and all terrorists were in the mission and the American were save ,and the rescue mission was conducted by 6 American navy seal and a technology from far away. Buhari will just wake up, eat , sleep ,borrow money and travel.”

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@officialexnel wrote; “Those hudlomes called #government don’t care about US bro!!! No cap!”

@biancahorchids1 wrote; “The government are the ones behind this kidnappings since there is no money to loot they got bunch of jobless Nigerians and introduce this to them and the politicians take cut . If you have watch queen of the south you will understand what I am saying

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