Nigerian Lady loses her boyfriend to another lady after a dare (screenshots)

- A pretty lady, DidenIye, shared a photo of herself on Twitter as she claimed she can steal any lady’s man
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Twitter is a place where many dramas unfold as they become viral topics that make it to trends.

Twitter has been set abuzz over the issue of a young man identified as Akin. It all started when a lady identified as DidenIye shared a sultry photo of herself on the site, claiming that she can make any lady’s boyfriend hers.


Another Twitter user, AnayoAnn, did not take the pretty lady’s post lightly. According to her, her boyfriend cannot be interested in DidenIye.

Obviously not one to turn down a challenge, DidenIye requested for Ann’s boyfriend’s number.


Well, the challenge seems to have become an eye-opener for Ann seeing as her boyfriend seems to have fallen for DidenIye.

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The boyfriend, Akin, even described DidenIye as being hot after she sent series of her photos. He requested for them to meet as he added that they seem to have hit things off so soon and he already likes her.


Upon inquiry from DidenIye, Akin denied having a girlfriend as the lady in his life is still interested in her ex-boyfriend.

See the rest of their exchange below:

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