Nigerian Woman begs her children to tell the man who raised them for 32 years he is not their real dad

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The issue of paternity is gradually becoming a scary thing in Nigeria, going by the number of heart-breaking reports regarding it.

Many men have raised children they did not father without their knowledge as their wives play a smart one on them.

Well, a Nigerian man has taken to social media to ask for advice for a friend after the mother shared a heart-breaking secret.

It was gathered that the woman has been diagnosed with cancer and has a very slim chance of surviving. She then revealed to her kids that the man they know as their father is not their real dad.

The man, who is in his 70s, reportedly raised the children with nothing but love for about 32 years and even sent them schooling abroad and sacrificed a lot for their sake.

Their dying mother wants her kids to locate their real dad and also break the news to the man who raised them. The children however, feel it is unnecessary as it would break the man who raised them as his own and there is no point searching for a man unknown to them.

Despite that, the woman has asked that her children grant her the wish before she dies. See the tweets below:


As expected, several Twitter users were not very impressed by the situation and they shared their opinions. Some of them feel the woman should keep the secret till her death because the man who raised them is their dad, while others feel her kids should tell her they would look for their real father, but do nothing.

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