Nigerian woman shows off her cute twins she conceived through rape

Nigerian woman shows off her twins she conceived through rape

A Nigerian tech-consultant called Mmanti Umoh is celebrating the 21st birthday of her twin boys on her social media page. Umoh took to her Twitter page to tell the story behind the birth of her twin children.

Nigerian woman shows off her twins she conceived through rape

According to the tech-consultant, in 1991, she was sexually abused by her employer and it led to her getting pregnant with her twin boys.

She explained that she was broken, criticised and depressed after the unfortunate incident.

Umoh revealed that today, she is now a standard for many young girls who have been abused.

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The mother of two went on to explain that if she were allowed to choose her battles, she would have chosen the simplest ones.

However, she noted that life threw her the hard nuts and she decided to live her life fully.

She stated that she has made a lot of mistakes but whenever she looks at her sons, she knew that she did the right thing.

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Umoh encouraged women who are in similar places with her or are currently going through what she has been through. She said that they have the power to define themselves and not what anyone says about them.

She also advised them to let go of their pain and grievances. Umoh encouraged such women to forgive their abusers.

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