Nigerians react as doctor and Twitter influencer is accused of sexual assault

Nigerians react as doctor and Twitter influencer is accused of sexual assault

Popular Twitter influencer and UK-based medical doctor, Funmilayo, is currently the topic of discussion on social media following emotional and sexual abuse allegations against his person.

Nigerians react as doctor and Twitter influencer is accused of sexual assault

Twitter user and also UK-based doctor, @bola_aseyan, recently took to social media to reveal she has been tolerating abuse from the said doctor for a long time.

Bola who claimed she didn’t want to come out with her story as she wanted no negative publicity, stated that he is the opposite of everything he preaches online.

Read her story below: “A woman can only tolerate so much abuse from a man. A completely different persona online, and a truly horrible man in person, an abuser to say the least, both sexually and emotionally. A human can only tolerate so much! “I have proof all this madness. And God in heaven knows I dread the negative type of attention but people deserve to know what a horrible human being this man is!!!! Horribly terrible!!!!

“Your fav influencer has sexually and emotionally abused me for so long, and I’ve been hiding it. I didn’t want to say anything because I DESPERATELY didn’t want to be in the news for anything bad here. I kept telling myself it would be over soon. I cannot take it anymore!

“Your favorite online influencer also a medical doctor in the UK who always has an opinion on every topic on Twitter, he is morally upright on the Internet, yet does the exact opposite of what he preaches online, preaching against rape and doing the exact opposite in person. Dr FUNMILAYO is the accused!”

Following her damning revelation, many social media users reacted.

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However, a little sleuthing was done and the result claims Bola was in a relationship with Funmilayo and shortly before coming out with her story, had taken down all the photos she took in his apartment.

Due to the fact that Funmilayo is one of the most outspoken advocates for victims of abuse, many people have reacted to his story with amusement and shock.

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See some reactions below:

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