Nigerians reacts as an individual sent a helicopter to pick his girlfriend in a 5-hour traffic jam in Lagos 

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Nollywood actor named Deyemi Okanlawon recently shared a stunning video on his Instagram page. The video  showed off an helicopter that was being sent by a Nigerian big boy to pick up his girlfriend.

According to reports, there had been a 5-hour traffic on Ore road and not wanting his woman to remain stuck in the congestion, the wealthy individual in question sent in a helicopter to ‘rescue’ her from the peculiar Nigerian situation.

An actor who was on the scene of the incident could not help but react. Although he considered the whole incident a romantic gesture, he still thought it was an act of lawlessness.

See his post below:

“Sigh… Father in heaven please let me be able to do this for wifey… there was a 5 hour traffic hold-up at Ore today and one “big boy” sent a chopper to pick up his chick! Though I joke about this please note that this is actually lawlessneHelicopter

See the video

Many Nigerians also reacted to the incident. See reactions below:

apparelsbystandard: “Angel Gabriel if you’re not too busy, please come and see something on Instagram. When will I be able to do this for my children? Help me ask Baba God I’m here waiting for answers.”

valisimofashions: “Please when you are big , Never be bigger than the laws of the land that made you big.its good to be big with road users safety in mind.this shouldn’t be glorified in anyway.”

audumaikori: “I’d rather pray the God gives you the ability to run for office so we can fix the roads on time so we don’t need to hire choppers to save only one person.”

bsouza8: “That’s what stars do, Abeg God will punish suffering !!!!!!”

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