Not all relationships leads to marriage- Relationship expert reveals

not all relationship will led to marriage

Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, in his new post on his social media page, has stated that ladies should understand that not every relationship leads to marriage.

Taking to Instagram, Joro wrote that some relationships are only meant to teach the partners a lesson, and so ladies should not be so desperate that they have marriage plans with every guy that comes their way.

He wrote:

” This needs to be said. Ladies, Not every relationship is going to lead to Marriage. Some relationships are meant to teach you a lesson for the next one. Stop setting mental traps for yourself. Men are taking advantage of women because of this.

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You’ll see ladies washing plate, doing chores for boyfriends family members because they have set wedding date in their mind.

Also, the association of “God when”. Ladies have said God when so much that when they meet any guy he is definitely God sent and he’s the ONE.

Ladies, take control of this narrative. Let guys be the one saying God when will this girl say yes to me, he captioned the video.” he shared.

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