Nuella Didn’t Buy Herself A Car – Belinda Effah Clears The Air Over Nuella’s Car Saga

Actress Belinda Effah has cleared the air over her friend Nuella Njubigbo‘s car saga saying she didn’t buy herself the car but got it as a gift from someone.

In the early hours of today, Belinda Effah shared a video of Nuella surprised after she was given her car saying Nuella got herself a car and she’s surprised which was interpreted as she bought the car herself and is now surprised after it arrived.

Belinda Effah has now cleared the air regarding that saying Nuella didn’t actually buy the car herself but rather was gifted by someone else hence asked the English scholars and Grammarians to help her understand what ‘got herself a car’ means.

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According to Belinda Effah, Nuella her friend got gifted just like that and didn’t buy the car as she’s a very hardworking woman and deserves the surprise she got today hence people should be happy for her and stop being jealous.

Addressing the naysayers who can’t wait to attach good gifts to negative things, Belinda Effah prayed that they meet with their waterloo and since they can’t rejoice with others may nothing good come to them.

Nuella left her husband to cool off in Ghana a few weeks ago and the moment she returned to Nigeria she got surprised by an anonymous person is something most people seem not to understand but Belinda Effah is saying there’s no cause for alarm.

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