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Obasanjo’s Wife Advises Women: It’s Wrong To Expect Your Husband To Apologize Even If He’s Wrong

Aduke Obasanjo, the wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, has suggested that women should not expect their husbands to apologize in all cases, especially if the men are to blame for the mistake.

Obasanjo's Wife Advises Women: It's Wrong To Expect Your Husband To Apologize Even If He's Wrong

Mrs. Obasanjo, speaking on behalf of her husband and giving advice to women on how to keep their homes, advised them to avoid involving strangers in their relationships.

She advised married ladies paying bills in their houses not to insult their husbands, adding that the term ‘Mrs.’ is an honor for women.

She made her submission on Sunday at the Celestial Church of Christ International Headquarters’ 41st Adult Harvest Celebration in Ketu, Lagos State.

“Women who undertake their husbands’ responsibilities are only lucky to be favored by God; it’s never enough for them to disrespect their spouses,” she remarked.

“Rather than expecting a man to apologize, women should learn how to bring their spouses to the bedroom and passionately touch them.” Whatever you do in the house has an impact on the children, and those children are the seed that will provide us with peace of mind. It’s critical that you give your husband some peace of mind.”

In other developments, self-acclaimed journalist Kemi Olunloyo has alleged that some identities mentioned in the #EndsSARS panel report as victims of the Lekki Tollgate Killings are false.

Despite the fact that the victims are supposed to have a phone and access to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Kemi Olunloyo stated she couldn’t find any condolence comments on their social media accounts.

She further stated that no relatives of the victim were there.

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