Ogbanje lady claims Jesus is powerless and doesn’t exist

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Ogbanje Nigerian lady identified as Chinemerem Obieze who recently claimed to be an ogbanje on social media has also claimed that the name of Jesus is powerless.

According to her, she will never get close to pastors or men of God because they get their powers from people like her and that Jesus’ name is powerless. understands that Nigeria, the major religions are Islam and Christianity and it is strange to see someone boldly and openly deviate from the norm.

Chinemerem was seen making the statement in a video that is gradually gaining momentum on social media.

She claim that her power is on her face region and she will never allow a pastor pray for her and touch her so that he does not steal her powers.

She said it is only in movies that when the name of Jesus is called, people fall down. She then challenged pastors to come to her chamber, call the name of Jesus and see if anything will happen.

Watch the video

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