Oyedepo Explains Why He Told His Pastors God Would Kill Them

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David Oyedepo, Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Worldwide, stated he once warned his pastors that if they went around saying they built Faith Tabernacle, God would kill them because he didn’t want them to take God’s glory.

On Saturday, Oyedepo spoke during the Great Dome dedication and Day four of Recharge Conference 2021.

Oyedepo said:

“When we concluded His agenda of building The Faith Tabernacle in one year, I told our pastors that if anyone went round this building to say we built it, God will kill him.

“God will kill him because we had no capacity; we had no practical resources. We didn’t have the speed or the time in our hands. He just stepped in and took it all over.

“To now assume that we did it, you provoke His wrath. Don’t let God catch you saying we have done something. What moves people forward is acknowledging God genuinely, heartily not for people to hear you. I still know till tomorrow that if I were not here, if I had gone to heaven, nothing happening in that ministry will drop.

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“The One at work resides there permanently. I am only privileged to be around while He is doing it. I am not the one in charge; He is.”

He said “the moment one threw oneself in acknowledging Him, there is no limit to where He will take you. Just connect with that genuinely and tirelessly. Don’t ever at any time get somewhere where you will say we did. No! It is not safe.”

He added that “We are here today to give all the glory to the builder of His church, His name is Jesus Christ. As this sanctuary is being dedicated today, God’s presence shall ever abide here. His eyes shall ever be upon this sanctuary day and night. And His glory shall continually fill this house.

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“Everyone that steps in here week after week will have an encounter with the Living Christ. Every unsaved soul that steps in here will find salvation. Every child of God that steps in here will have their needs met. Every member of this church will start going forward. As God is changing the story of this church, so will He be changing your own story in the name of Jesus Christ.”

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